November 24, 2023


Kamo saaor Felix best known or popularly known as Felizo
Was born on 2nd, July, 2001.
Superstar Felizo is fast rising Nigerian singer, Rapper and afro Fusion Singer
Felizo hails from Kwande Local Governments area of Benue state, Nigeria.
Felizo , after his birth he attended numerous child rising institution from primary and secondary education and currently Felizo is a graduate in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AT FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC NASARAWA.

Felizo begins and discover his passion in music at the age of 15 but he was confused at then, abs and 18 he record his first single and tagged “U BE THE REASON”
Which was the song  that introduce him in the Nigerian music scene which got *London Boi Entertainment* 
 his senior brother  brother in person of Don Marshal who claims to be the *KWANDE FIRST SON* Upcoming

Record label to pick his talent up .. to promote the talent out…

And now Felizo is currently going to manage by *LONDON BOI ENTERTAINMENT*  
And first song on the label incoming soon..
More news about Felizo dropping soon.

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