Slikish is not your mate , Poisonous snakes ~ “Bobby Saka” Blast fans who troll critics on Ex-GF song

Nigerian afro soul super stars Bobby Saka has commented/ reply trolls who claims Ex-Girlfriend by Slikish is wack content that is not expected to dish out by the “BAD SHARP TIV BOY”
Reaching out to “Bobby Saka” who commented as a reply to all the post going viral on Ex-Girlfriend song by Slikish, from Benue fans and fellow artist 
He regards those post and comments “Hate speeches” and those fans and fellow artist As “Poisonous snakes 👺”

The Benue born Lagos base sensation star blast those fans on his Facebook page on Sunday 6th November, 2022

He wrote👇
Before you Shade a fellow Artiste, his efforts and craft make sure you are doing better than that Artiste, music criticism is to be done by fans and critics not among fellow Artistes because if it’s this way then I start seeing it as HATE. Unless you are one of the Judges in a talent hunt show and the Artiste came on your stage to perform that’s when you can give your views and even then not as harsh as the way alot of you guys do. You are all Artistes complaining that nobody is supporting you, but what you came out to do when your brother dropped a song is worse than keeping mute.
Slikish is not your mate, and you may
 not be able to ever achieve the hieght he has achieved if you continue like that. The guy has tried, it will cost you nothing to admit or support him if you can, from the little I know about him none of you ever gave him props, all what he is doing he is doing it with his money, perhaps it’s why people got vexed. The said ‘Ex GIRLFRIEND’ song y’all complain about is better than all your songs in your entire career if you must know and it might be a hit from that part with the right push so stop capping.
I will not say all what’s on my mind here, but you guys can do better, Poisonous snakes👺
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