September 7, 2023

Tk-Swag spotted shooting his album thriller in Makurdi with Solace Angi (Photos)

Nigerian Singer Tk-Swag , who has shot with Mattmax, Aje Film Works and other prominent video directors in the Nigerian music industry, was seen recently shooting a video in Makurdi with Solace Angi ThaMassive Pro

It’s great to see the singer back home and with open arms to his home-based creators, regardless of the prominent acts he is known to be associated with.

The ‘Captain Caprisonne‘ crooner, who has taken a break away from public attention, is reportedly working on a project and seems to have decided to partner with home-based creators on this forthcoming project, since he was spotted in his hometown lately.

Tk-Swag, is said to have in his plans, to bring home-based creators of different facets together, working work on this forthcoming project, with intentions to showcase talents and resources within his home to the world.


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Cc Torkuma Davies Nyior

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